Nigerian’s can never get tired of doing ‘amebo’ when it comes to Wizkid’s relationship.

After Merican singer,  Justine Skye was rumoured to be dating Wizkid, Nigerians have trolled her on social media.

The singer’s recent tweets set off another troll ‘infestation’ after fans assumed she had targeted their idol.

Justine Skye wrote: “I don’t know why I tricked myself into thinking you were different, you play games for a living.”

She later clarified that she was not targeting the Nigerian singer and never has dissed him on her page.

“I’m not talking about Wizkid… haven’t been talking about Wizkid. We are friends. Please chill out it’s honestly insane at this point,” she wrote.

Only days ago, the American singer shared her a photo with Nigerian born American singer and actor, Rotimi, and Nigerian trolls warned her to stop  “hanging around” our Yoruba men.

justine skye