Is there really a direct connection between music made in Nigeria and and Yahoo Yahoo (the popular term for internet scam)?

At the beginning of the year, a new movement broke into the music industry, with its own sound and dance style - Shaku Shaku.

The one thing that stuck is how this movement is built around themes of big money spenders and slay queens.

Shaku Shaku slang's like Oshaprapra, Oja ti burst, Oshozondi and Chache are all connected to Yahoo Yahoo.

Recently, Noble Igwe began shaking tables when he added record labels to the list of activities that Yahoo boys finance in Lagos.

When Bounce News spoke to music promoter and former record label boss, Kaycee Oguejiofor, about Yahoo boys financing the music industry  he said:

"If you look at the the history of music in America, when HipHop started, the first set of artistes were financed by drug dealers.

"These artistes went on to turn into praise singers, glorifying their financiers. Our own phase is  yahoo money.

"It is the thing keeping the music industry afloat in Nigeria"

"I do not support Yahoo Yahoo, and I am not encouraging it. It is not a good thing, but that is our reality at this point.  If you remove  Yahoo money now, every music producer, every artiste, every record label owner will pack up. For now its just a means to an end." he added.

He hopes that these boys will eventually turn a new leaf and pay attention to social values.

"Look at the case of Jay Z, his career started out with drug money, but he eventually left it and became a legit business man. Eventually we will get out of this Yahoo phase" he told Bounce News.