If you have ever avoided attending a Math class before, I am sure you realised it came back to hunt you.

Math is life and Life is math!

The National Mathematical Centre has developed books for teachers to make the teaching and understanding of Mathematics more attractive to students.

In the books are modules for teachers to make the subject friendlier.

Professor Stephen Onah, the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre, announced the breakthrough in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Friday.

"The centre has developed teaching modules on how to approach Mathematics in a very innovative form.

"That is why the centre has written its own textbooks, as to how Mathematics should be taught from primary school to the tertiary level, particularly to secondary level.

"That is why the centre has developed Mathematics kits. We have physical instruments in teaching the mathematics so it does not look so abstract. We make it look like a practical subject; you can feel it.

"Instead of cramming the formula, they (teachers) will tell you how that formula came about and demonstrate it. At the end you will have a physical feel of the subject," he explained.

Telling students how a formula came about is something that most Nigerian Mathematics teachers will never do, perhaps they are not even aware of that too.

Onah said that schools trained by the centre with these books have recorded significant improvement in students’ success in Math.

He said that the centre had asked for collaboration with state governments to ensure that the new module gain nationwide acceptance.

He said that laboratories would be established in interested state schools to make the teaching of Mathematics more practical like Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Mathematics has recorded low in terms of students’ performance in Nigeria and this has been blamed on the teaching technique adopted by teachers.