Donatus Okonkwo wants to be the next governor of Anambra state and he is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

But he reckons the only barrier to his dream is if the APC doesn't impose an unpopular candidate on the delegates.

He spoke to newsmen after collecting the expression of interest and nomination forms at the party’s secretariat in Awka.

According to him, only a hitch-free primary will rekindle the confidence of party faithful and the electorate.

Okonkwo pledged that he would give his support to any aspirant that might emerge as the candidate of the party as long as the process is credible.

“It has always been our word that once the primary is credible, free and fair, we will strongly support whoever wins the primaries.

“Money will not play any role in the primary; those who bribe their way will be punished by not even going near winning the primaries.”

He described the attitude of some aspirants, who insist on going to Abuja to collect expression of interest and nomination forms as “a show of shame”.

According to him, the forms should have been picked in the state since it is the governorship of the state and not that of Abuja.

“We have a strong party in the state. I am the first person to have insisted that the form should be collected in the state.

“This is to show that we are ready to serve the people and engage the process,” Okonkwo said.