From 6: 00 a.m., residents of Ogu community queue in front of a makeshift toilet and await their turn. Those whose cases are critical - purge - quickly look for an alternative. 

Ogu is an Epie community after Agbura in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State and it plays host to Daewoo Construction, which is also an Engineering and Oil Servicing Company.

Located at the shores of the river which demarcates Ogu from Swali, and other riverine communities, is a wooden dilapidated toilet built by the Oil Servicing firm.

A wooden walkway leads to the toilet which is built with planks pegged into the river.

Big logs of woods were placed to raise the structure above water level and zinc used for the roof, wall and doors.

It is like an oven on a very sunny day.

Children and adult who could not use it or wait in queue, get relief in a nearby bush.

The toilet is, however, located at the same spot where residents wash clothes and fetch drinking water.

Few poles away from the toilet is a decaying structure which serves as the bathroom.

A safety officer, Mr Bueseme Abadiofoni, told Bounce News that residents of the community live in fear of cholera outbreak.

Toilet in Ogu community in Epie community

Lady coming out of the bathroom

"Daewoo built the wooden toilet in 2017.

He further stated that the Company usually applied and informed the community before a new structure was built.

"After the application, we mount pressure on them to release fund for the work.

"This time, we want a permanent modern toilet built within the community.

"It will prevent pollution of the river and ensure safety of our people," he concluded.

One of the elders in the community, Mr Asuefai Preye, complained about the absence of basic social amenities in the area.

"No pipe borne water here.

"We defecate, wash and drink from the same place.

"Daewoo should help us to live longer and better" he pleaded.

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A man who arrived the shores in his speedboat explained that he was there to fish.

"Fishes eat rotten things.

"I have caught big fishes here before," he said.

Smiling, he fixed an earthworm to his hook and gently lowered it into the river, hoping to make a catch of a fish that must have fed it self with faeces. He, however, has a solution. 

"We wash the fishes with hot water before cooking" he added.

The situation has remained a concern to the residents of the community who just participated in the general elections. One will wonder if there is a government overseeing activities in the community.

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