Rivers people want true federalism – a country where all the federating units can develop according to their resources.

This is what their governor, Nyesom Wike told the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, William Symington, when the American visited him in Port Harcourt on Tuesday.

Wike said that the demand for true federalism meant that Rivers people believed in one united Nigeria, where no section was denied the control of its own resources.

“We are clamouring for true federalism, when you talk of true federalism, they think you don’t want to be part of the country.

“We talk about true federalism as practised in America, a true presidential system where all the federating units will be allowed to enjoy their resources and contribute to the centre,” Wike said.

He said the people believed that there must be a country called Nigeria in which everyone would work together to achieve unity and progress.

Port Harcourt Visa Office

He also urged the U.S. Government to set up a visa office in Port Harcourt to cater to the South-South and the Southeast geo-political zones.

Wike said that the visa office would be in the spirit of equity and justice as the Abuja office served the North, while the Lagos office served the South-West.

“Forget about the media propaganda, this state is an opposition state, therefore don’t expect them to say it is the best.

“But we are the best state, we are doing everything to ensure that investors do profitable business under the ambit of the law,” the governor said.

The ambassador commended Nigerians for their unity and added: “Nigeria will be great and I expect a super power and a super partner.”