Mr Adewale Faseun, 51, and his wife, Mrs Oluwakemi Faseun, 43, had dragged their case to court in an attempt to break their 20-year-old marriage.

The Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos State heard the case. The couple are accusing each other of infidelity, but the shocking relation must have made the persons witnessing the case to reach a conclusion even before the jury' decision.

The petitioner in the suit, Mrs Faseun, a trader, who resides at Otan Bala Street, Aga, Ikorodu in Lagos alleged that her husband has been unfaithful.

“My husband likes women a lot, not only does he like them, he also flirts with them.

“The last time we had a misunderstanding, he threatened to pour acid on me. Please separate us as I am no longer interested in the marriage,’’ she said.

After those allegations, Oluwakemi made a more shocking revelation, one that may be the most shocking thing some witnesses in the court will hear in their entire life.

She told the court that she had two children, but that the second child is not for her husband.

“Although my husband thought he owns the two children of our marriage, I am telling him now that the second child, who is 15 years old, does not belong to him,’’ she said.

Shocked by the revelation, but not too dazed that he could not speak, Mr Faseun, denied her infidelity claims and argued that both children were his.

“I strongly believe that both children are mine, as she was confused of the paternity of the second child because she confessed to me that another man slept with her too.

“During that time, I also slept with her, so she got pregnant and was confused about the paternity.

“I am not into any act of infidelity. My wife just said that our second son was not mine. I think that suggests she is adulterous too,’’ he said.

After listening to both parties, the court president, Mrs Funmi Adeola, adjourned the case until May 16, for further hearing.

The issue had taken a different turn and apparently creating fears that the couple could have physical confrontations before the next scheduled date, Mrs Adeola warned the couple to maintain peace, till the next adjourned date.