As much as we have a lot of independent ladies out there who are doing their own thing and excelling in their careers without a man making it happen for them, we also have babes who are dreaming and praying to find a man to love them and start a family with.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either type of women; however, it is not okay to put yourself in a position to be exploited by someone else because you want to be accepted.

Don't be too desperate

It’s very common to see some Nigerian ladies go out of their way to do all that is within their power to “secure” a husband, only for the guy in question to betray them by settling down with someone else.

In light of this, let’s discuss 4 things you should never have to do just to impress your boyfriend into marrying you.

1. Pay his bills

You are his girlfriend, not his account manager. Never take up the responsibility of paying your boyfriend’s bills because this will turn him into a freeloader in your relationship. Some women even go as far as paying their boyfriend’s house rent! Why? A man who cannot carry his own financial burdens has no business being in a relationship in the first place. It’s okay to help him out every now and then when he’s low on cash, but never make a habit of footing his bills constantly. 

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2. Be his maid

It’s totally natural to help your guy clean up his place when you stay over for the weekend or overnight. But it is insane to have to clean his house, do his laundry and cook meals for him every single time you visit. If he’s a slob who can’t clean up after himself, that should let you know that you’ll become his full-time maid if you ever get married. Totally not worth it.

3. Bribe him with sex

Some ladies think that when they have sex with their boyfriend regularly, he won’t cheat on them. Well, that isn’t entirely true. A man who already has it in mind to cheat would do so regardless of how many times you have sex with him. Don’t turn yourself into a sex machine for any man. If he truly loves you, he’ll marry you even if you only have sex with him once a month.

4. Trap him with pregnancy

This is never a good idea. Asides the fact that it could backfire and leave you stuck with a child you had no intentions of raising alone, you could end up in an unhappy, loveless marriage if he decides to do the honourable thing and marry you. The decision to bring a child into the world; whether you're single or married, should be a decision reached and agreed by both parties.