Marriage is a really big deal, and it’s a union that is supposed to last a lifetime. However, the divorce rate worldwide clearly indicates that marriage is no longer a lifetime commitment for many people.

Notwithstanding, there are still a handful of people who still believe in ‘happily ever after’, and are sincerely interested in getting married and staying that way for as long as they live. But the truth is, it takes two to tango.

Compatibility in marriages starts from settling with someone who shares same values as you

The longevity of your marriage is also dependent on the kind of person you choose to be your spouse. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell who really wants to settle down because they’re ready and not just for any other flimsy reason.

If you are that guy who has made up his mind to get married in the nearest future but still don’t know for sure what key qualities to look out for in your ideal spouse, let’s help you a little by sharing with you some features of a real wife material.

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1. She is hardworking: She is a go-getter. She takes her career very seriously and does not wait for you to take care of her. She is also a home maker and knows a thing or two about cooking fine meals. She is very intelligent and excellent in multitasking. She is a prudent spender and does not lavish money on irrelevant things.

2. She accepts you as you are: She’s not determined to mold you and shape you into what you’re not. She accepts your flaws, knowing she is also not a perfect human being. And she always sees the good in you, even in bad situations. She is forgiving and understanding.

3. She is honest and loyal: She doesn’t hop around with guys whom she has no business with, because she’s committed to her relationship with you. You can also count on every word she says because her honesty is 100%.

4. She respects you: She treats you like a king and let’s everyone know you’re her man. She doesn’t put you down in front of your friends or make it seem like she’s your boss. She seeks your opinion on important matters and decision-making that concerns you two as a couple.