A 13-year-old rape victim is still suffering from the trauma she experienced after she was allegedly abused by a gang of four boys.

The victim was reportedly raped while being unconscious.

PUNCH gathered that the victim, who works as an apprentice nurse after school hours, was approached by one of the gang members on her way to her workplace last week.

It was learnt that the suspect blew an unknown substance into the victim’s eyes, which made her lose consciousness after she resisted his advances.

It was gathered that the suspect carried the victim to an uncompleted building in the Baale area of Ajuwon, Ogun State, where his gang members were waiting for him.

The victim said she regained consciousness after the boys had allegedly had their turns with her.

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She said, “When I was coming from school on Friday, one of the boys in the community held my hand and I told him to leave me alone but instead, he dipped his hand inside his pocket, brought out a substance and blew it into my eyes; I immediately became unconscious.

“When I woke up, I saw myself in an uncompleted building and I asked him what I was doing there but he shouted me down. When I looked around, I saw four boys with different charms and an axe surrounding me.

“I asked again why he brought me to an uncompleted building and what he did to me, but I was shouted down again; when I tried to stand up, the boys brought out a knife and an axe and threatened that if I shouted, I would be killed.”

The victim added, “I started begging them not to kill me; when I checked my body, I saw blood coming out of my private parts; I was offered cotton to clean the blood but I rejected it and used a cloth that was with me to clean the blood.

“When they eventually allowed me to go, the boys told me that after what they had done to me, I would not be able to conceive and they threw me out through the window.”

She added that one of the suspects suggested that they should kill her so as to cover their tracks but another gang member opposed the suggestion and threatened to kill her with an axe if she mentioned to anybody what they did to her.

The Executive Secretary, First Whizkidz Educational Foundation, Eugenia Irobiegbulam, who is handling the case, has called on the police to redeem their image to ensure that the suspects were apprehended.

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