Various religions have different doctrines relating to marriage but these days, most couples seal their union with the use of rings.

It is believed that marriage should curb cheating, or let’s say fornication as the religions would call it.

But really, does the wedding ring stop cheating?

Are you aware some people find it more fulfilling having intimate relationships with married people despite knowing their marital status?

A married woman, Toyin Kay shared her opinion with Bounce News recently. She believes gone are the days when a wedding ring was the red flag.

"It doesn’t curb adultery in any way. A ring is just a physical item saying I am married. People don’t respect its significance and the sanctity it carries anymore.

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"With or without a ring, the person that will not cheat will not cheat and the person that will cheat will do so.

"Matter of fact, some people take their rings off before committing adultery, that's if they still love their spouses."

She argued that more focus should be on the heart and individual’s respect for their partners.

Gone are the days when people who date married people do so because they are not aware of their marital status. These days, it is the main attraction.

So, if you are the type monitoring how and when your partner wears their wedding ring, you might just be wasting your time.

Focus on building a healthy relationship with your spouse, make them happy, and leave the rest to their conscience.

Put in more effort to communicate with your partner and find out if they are inadequacies on your part or perhaps it's just an urge that keep the libido extremely high.

Listen to your partner during intimate moments. Hearing is different from listening. There is always a reason someone hides behind to commit silly acts.

Stop the aggression. The more aggressive you are the farther away your partner will go from home.

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