Items cooked in nylon are not healthy for human, a dietitian, John Tehinse, has warned.

He wants people who cook Moi-moi and delicacies in nylons or cellophane bags to stop immediately.

"It produces dioxins, a toxic substance that causes cancer," he said.

Mr Tehinse gave the warning on Tuesday in Ilorin at an awareness campaign on food safety organised by the Food Safety Awareness Campaign Initiatives, funded by the European Union.

Moi-moi is a Nigerian steamed beans pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled beans, some other ingredients are added after grinding it.

It is a protein-rich, staple food in Nigeria and has its origin in West Africa.

In his lecture entitled: “Food Safety Control System in Nigeria”, he explained that cooking Moi-moi in nylon had become widespread while people were unaware of the dangers.

The food safety expert said nylons or cellophane bags produced dioxins when heated.

“They are a group of chemically-related compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants (POPs)," he said.

Tehinse further warned that dioxins are highly toxic and capable of causing reproductive and developmental problems, while damaging the immune system and interfering with hormones.

leaf for cooking moi-moi

He advised people to use the traditional leaves to cook their meals.

The dietician also called for good food practices in Nigeria and urged restaurant owners to look at their business as public service.

“Food business is not only to make money but a calling to protect public health and ensure what they offer to consumers is safe,” he added.