You may say; 'how does it concern me?'. But you should be worried.

Man has not found a way to stop it from happening. Information, Science and Technology have only helped to know when it is about to happen, but sometimes, we also fail to tell exactly when. 

If you do not have money to support residents of the cities that will feel the effect of Hurricane Irma, a minute prayer by you will go a long way to help them.

Hurricane Irma has left devastating effect on cities, with the strongest storm ever recorded.

Dominican Republic, Haitia and Florida are cities next in line.

In whatever way you can, offer your prayer to God for cities ravaged by these storms and those waiting for Hurricane Irma, which will hit some cities in few days.

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The island of Barbuda was left largely uninhabitable when Hurricane Irma got there. About 95% of property along that plane were damaged. Around 2,000 people live on the island. Many have been made homeless.

Cities on its track are awaiting the day Hurricane Irma will get there. They need your prayers.

It has claimed lives in French Caribbean territories of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin and Anguilla.