Are you one of those yet to collect their Permanent Voter’s Cards?

The Independent National Electoral Commission says you may not be able to get it because you failed to do proper verification of you name when the voter register was displayed for complaints and objections.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner in Akwa Ibom, Mike Igini, said this on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Thursday.

He said sadly, the time for objections and complaints had closed and thus people who have issues may not be able to vote until after the elections in March.

Igini said, “We did as required by law, to display (of the register) for objections and claims. For instance, you should check if your name is on the register and if there are objections and issues raised. We did all of that.

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“Regrettably, a number of our citizens as we have also had an interaction with some, didn’t even come forward to check whether their names were there when we brought out the preliminary register to check whether your name was there or missing during the time of the Continuous Voter Register. Many of them did not turn up.

“And we said look this exercise has been suspended for the time being and that can only happen after the general elections. There is another category of individuals including a prominent citizen who agreed that he had not been following up.”

The REC said even some people with Temporary Voter Cards would not be able to pick up their PVCs.

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