There are limitations to putting a film on a distribution platform like Amazon, and executive producer of Wole Soyinka’s classic childhood memoir, 'Ake: The Years of Childhood', has learnt it the hard way.

Dapo Adeniyi, who had announced the distribution partnership with Amazon in September was excited to give the film the worldwide recognition it deserved, after all, it was about Nigeria’s only Nobel laureate.

But there is a limit to Adeniyi’s dreams as Amazon’s Geo-restrictions limited the countries that the film could reach.

In an exclusive interview with Bounce News, Dapo Adeniyi revealed that he has found another distribution partner for the film.

"I spent one million Naira to put it on Amazon, but people still could not get the film because Amazon's Geo-restriction only allowed people living in US and Canada access Ake, so I had to find another way to get the movie out.

''We have reached an agreement with the management of Lagos International Film Festival, LIFF to take on the distribution of Ake movie.

''Now people who know about the book, even if they are in the diaspora would be able to buy the movie on the LIFF streaming site, called LIFFStream.

''The new streaming platform and the film would be launched at the end of October” he explained.

The movie is an adaption from Wole Soyinka’s bestselling book about his early childhood years in the town called Ake during the second world war.

The film was shot  at various locations in Abeokuta, Ibadan, Lagos and East Grinstead, UK, and has been screened in Lagos and at film festivals in Cannes, France and the United States.

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Produced by Dapo Adeniyi’s Back Page Productions, the film is believed to have cost almost one billion Naira - a claim that the producer refuses to confirm or deny.

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