MedView Airlines have been under a lot pressure after being accused of flight delays.

The Airline has stated why its flight out of London, Gatwick was delayed attributing it to what it called an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation.

In the aviation parlance, Aircraft on the ground means, when an aircraft had to be parked due to technical issues.

The airline explained that the hitches associated with its flights were aggravated by the holidays and other uncomplimentary factors that have made the situation linger.

In a statement issued from the United Kingdom by the Chief Operating Officer/Accountable Manager (COO/AM) of the airline, Michael Ajigbotosho, the airline stated that the aircraft had to embark on an air return as part of safety measures.

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He also stated that the airline had got approval for three aircraft to airlift at least 700 passengers but for the unruly behavior of some passengers which made Border Force wade in and eventually only two of the flights could leave.

According to the statement:”Our flight VL 2101 out of London to Lagos on Friday, December, 22 which has about 300 passengers on board returned back to Gatwick after departure as a precautionary measure taken by the Pilot- in – Command (PiC) in line with Aviation Standard and Recommended Practices.

“This led to the cancellation of the flight as the aircraft was declared AOG (Aircraft On Ground). The passengers were catered for, they were lodged in a hotel and those who decided to go back home were also taken care of.

“After the aircraft was declared AOG, we had to wait for a maintenance report. The aircraft had to remain on the ground until a certified expert carried out the necessary checks and certify that the aircraft is airworthy. And the holiday compounded the problem.”


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