By 2040, the United Kingdom will not be importing crude.

The nation is concerned about the need to cut down on pollution and it is looking to end the production of diesel and petrol cars.

Britain will use only electric cars or nothing.

Most of its oil needs come from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) which Nigeria is part of.

Air Quality Plan

In 2015, 36% of crude oil imports came from countries under OPEC, but all that will gradually drop drastically in coming years.

The decision to stop the use of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 was announced by the UK environment secretary, Michael Gove.

The announcement follows the lead set by France two weeks ago and will be set out in the UK government’s long-awaited “air quality plan” on Wednesday.

According to Mr Gove, all new cars will have to be fully electric 23 years from now.

He also said other engine types, including hybrids, will also be banned.

Earlier in 2011, a “carbon plan” of the coalition government also predicted that all new cars sold after 2040 would have to be emission free, to meet a target of having no petrol or diesel cars on the roads by 2050.

The announcement is a milestone in the shift towards electric cars, which currently account for less than 1% of UK sales.

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If this fails to bring down levels of the harmful pollutant nitrogen dioxide, ministers will let local authorities introduce charges, or ban the dirtiest cars at certain times of day.

This announcement portends a gradual reduction in the use of petrol and diesel engine cars prior to 2040 and that will further reduce its importation of crude from the OPEC country.

Nigeria be guided, be warned