Can you imagine a medical doctor saying he is not in form which is why 6 patients receiving treatment at his facility died mysteriously?

Can you imagine a mechanic who puts road side engine oil into a Ferrari getting paid and being allowed to go home only to resume the next day?

Then he says "I am sorry, I was not in form. I will do better next time".

After collecting free money for almost a season Carlos Tevez has finally left China back to his home country in Argentina to pitch tent with Boca Juniors.

Tevez joined Shenhua in January last year on an estimated 730,000 euros-a-week salary, making him one of the world’s highest-paid players.

The Argentine best underlines the reason why clubs need to give themselves brain to insert performance-based clauses when working out wages in players contracts.


If there is one profession many covet, it is to be a football star albeit not because of the rigorous training session involved but for the humongous wages and fame it commands.

As always, wages are reward for work done but in the football world, wages are the players rights regardless of what happens on the field of play on match days.

Can you imagine the horror and rage on a fan's mind when a player gets a red car in the first half of a much anticipated derby?

How best will you describe the awful performance put up by Alvaro Morata in the London derby against Arsenal, the Spanish striker missed not one, not two gilt-edged chances to give Chelsea all 3 points.

Nothing changed in Morata’s next outing in the FA Cup as Chelsea played a barren draw, whether the former Real Madrid man will deliver the goods in his second chance against Arsenal on Wednesday's Carabao Cup clash is yet to be seen.

Unfortunately, there is no Human Resource official in Chelsea to deduct Morata’s wage for the past weeks because he does not deserve full pay on the strength of these displays.


In the newsroom, the journalist would have been surcharged for missing out on a top story but the over pampered striker goes scot free even after missing chances that cost his team victory.

Also, how will one describe an Alex iwobi performance against a lower league side in the mold of Nottingham Forest, the Nigeria international did not have one shot on target all through his stay on the pitch.

Now there are footages of the Nigerian allegedly partying on matchday; is this not a slap on the face of the fans that pay through their noses to watch these players do their nonsense for 90 minutes?


However, on a second thought one might cut the players some slack. What happens when they score a hat trick in a game or more, would they be paid extra that week? 

I think they should be rewards and consequences of each good or bad deed on the field of play.

Kelechi Iheanacho earns about 49 million naira for sitting comfortably on Leicester City's bench for more than 50 percent of this season.

Who runs a business to incur untold debts and overweights?

Football is also a team sport in which actions and inactions of others rub off either positively or negatively on the entire club - the fans, management and set objectives.

It simple - football has transformed from a mere friendly sport to a mega-billion dollars business and only business men should be involved not people guided by emotions or prejudiced sentiments.

Pay Per Performance!

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