Earlier this month, a Nigerian dark-skinned model called out Tekno and accused him of failing to give her a role in his music video because of her skin color.

Now the director of the music video, Paul Gambit has defended Tekno.

He said that the singer refused to give the model a role in his music video, because she did not fit the role.

Paul Gambit said “they say customers are always right. I cast someone for a role but the executive producer said she didn’t fit in with what he wanted for the project. He said he would have preferred her in another project.

"Do you expect me to start arguing with my client? I am the director, not the client who will pay for the job. I understand how she felt and we tried to talk about it.”

“I think it was her first experience because video vixens get rejected regularly but they don’t call out the artistes involved. Tekno and I have kept quiet about it, but to be honest with you, it was never about the colour of her skin."

“I was sad about the statement because I didn’t understand why she would go to that extent. As a man, don’t you have what you like in a girl? If you prefer slim ladies, does that mean fat ladies are bad? For almost four hours, we didn’t shoot because we were looking for someone who would fit what Tekno wanted,” he added.