How often do you check the 'Best Before [BB]' date on any bottle of drink that you buy?

Not always, right?

In fact sometimes you might have finished taking the drink before you will remember to check. 

That is a dangerous one because traders are taking advantage of Nigerians' habit of not checking BB dates to offer them expired drinks to consume. 

This discovery will shock you. 

It happened again days after Bounce News' correspondent, Williams Osewezina, Mark Angel and Uzzy bought expired soft drinks in Ajaokuta area of Kogi State on their way to Ofuloko.

Mark angel buys expired drink in Ajaokuta
Mark Angel at Ofuloko during his induction as ActionAid Ambassador

Again, in Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, some expired drinks were discovered in a shop during the environmental sanitation enforcement exercise, indicating that the act is spreading. 

Officials of the Environmental Sanitation Authority led by the Director, Head of Marketing and General Supervision, Mr Jacob Dokiri, had embarked on the enforcement exercise to check excesses of traders in the state. 

Kpansia Daily Market located along Sani Abacha expressway, was the first place they visited.

The sun was scorching even though it was still morning and the market had opened, with deviant traders violating the legal time to open their shops every last Saturday of the month.                   

The government agency had through a radio programme warned traders and residents of the state of the consequences of loitering, buying or selling before the approved time. 

But the traders were not ready to heed to the warning.

Environmental sanitation in Bayelsa

Kpansia market has a history of traders' hostility towards men of the Environmental Sanitation Authority and a love for dirty environment. 

When Mr Dokiri saw that trading was ongoing in the market like a normal day, he condemned the act and instructed a woman identified as the Secretary of the market Union, Mrs Popo to select some traders to clean up the major road which was littered with dirty heaps of nylon bags vegetables and plantain peels.

They complained that the dirt was disposed by persons who trade along the road. None of them was there at the time. 

After the cleaning was done the officials moved on to other locations and arrested an offender who was selling drinks in his shop along Baybridge Road.

His opened shop was the attraction, but some officials decided to check his drinks only to discover that most of them had expired.

Office of the Environmental Sanitation Agency in Y

The shop owner and others arrested were taken to the Sanitation office located at Onopa where the Sanitation Chairman, Mr Enogha Ayalla, gave a breakdown of offenders arrested.

He said 69 offenders comprising of 47 men and 22 women were arrested.

The owner of the shop along Baybridge Road, Mr Ekwedike Uzo, whose drinks were also seized explained why he had sold expired drinks to Nigerians. 

“I bought over 30 cartoons of soft drinks and didn’t check the expiry date on all of them. 

“It’s painful to loose my goods but I have learnt my lesson," he said.

The trader who apparently was not ready to lose his money had decided to offer the drink to Nigerians who have formed the habit of not checking the expiry date on their drinks. 

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