The music video-Senator, Dino Melaye, is alleging that there is a plan to rope him with a lie.

He has not produced a video on this one, but in series of tweets on Sunday evening, the Senator who is representing Kogi West, claimed that the plot was being put together in his own state. 

He is accusing the Governor of the State, Mr Yahaya Bello, of being behind the plot.

"There is a fresh plot by Kogi State Governor and police in Lokoja to intimidate a certain Mr Dogo to implicate me in orchestrated lie of planning to kill the Governor.

"Money has also been given to the police (SARS) in lokoja to arrest, embarrass and detain me," Senator Melaye claimed.

He also has a few words for Governor Bello.

"Gov Bello should be ready to face the international and Diplomatic communities.

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"I have adequately alerted and intimated all concern. I will not be intimidated or cowed. Kogi State is my State.

"One million SARS or Yahaya Bellos can not stop me.

"Nigeria belong to all of us," the Senator stressed.

Senator Melaye who already has a case in court for alleged arms running also said he would ensure security personnel who would abuse their office would be adequately captured. 

"We will get the identity of every security officer who will abuse his oath through sophisticated secret cameras.

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"We will no longer tolerate indiscriminate miss use of security outfits by Governor Yahaya Bello," he stated.

Senator Melaye then left a strong statement for the Governor.

"Enough is Enough.

"Touch me again and see revolution of the highest order," he added.

There are insinuations that the Senator has a plan to contest the state's governorship election and that may have whipped up rancour that is growing by the day between him and Governor Bello.

Senator Melaye had few months ago defected to the Peoples Democratic Party from the All Progressives Congress which Mr Bello also belongs to. 

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