Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has had his eyes on Nigeria’s presidency since 1992.

But for some unknown reasons, he has not been able to get the chance to occupy the number one seat.

And now, he is blaming on Nigeria’s rich people (the elite) whom he says are against him because they feel he has an independent mind.

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Atiku said there were fears in some quarters that it would be difficult for him to be manipulated if he became the President.

Atiku stated this at a media chat in Abuja organised by the United Nigeria Group on Sunday night.

When asked about what was wrong with Nigeria that stopped someone like him from getting elected, he said, “It is what I call the conspiracy theory of the political elite. If you are not going to be used, if you are not going to satisfy their personal aspiration, then, they will think you are not good enough.

“Part of the problem they have with me is that they say I am independent, principled and so on.

“Honestly, it is the conspiracy of the political elite and unfortunately the Nigeria public is not politically sophisticated to override the conspiracy of the political elite. They rely on the political elite to direct them.”

He therefore tasked Nigerians to dismiss insinuations in some quarters that his reputation for defecting from one political party to the other should count against him.