President Muhammad Buhari could not make it back home from his medical leave in Britain last weekend as promised by his aides.

Some people in the presidency had told reporters last week that the President would return on Saturday, June 10.

But alas! He could not make it because his doctors advised against it.

According to some presidency sources who spoke to Reuters, Buhari's doctors said they would need to carry out testing on him on Monday, and the test results would determine when he returns to Nigeria.

The president's undisclosed ailment has left his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, in charge.

But while the vice president has been praised for his activity in Buhari's absence, pressure has been mounting on the government to sign off on key decisions such as the 2017 budget.

On Friday, the speaker of House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, said the budget would be signed into law the next week, after months of delays despite promises for it to be passed before May.

Dogara probably had hoped the President would return on Saturday.

This time last year, allegations of budget padding prevented the budget from being passed on time. But this time round, the budget, having been passed, still struggles to get a signature.  

74-year-old President Buhari travelled to Britain last month for a treatment of strange ailment which has remained a secret up until now.

At the moment, the country is on the brink of breakup with threats of secession across several parts of Nigeria.