So, there is currently a global outrage against some catholic clergymen who covered up cases of sexual abuse by catholic priests.

The Catholic pontiff, Pope Francis is now condemning such coverups and taking some steps to address the problem.

On Saturday, the Pope, during his visit to Ireland, visited some abuse survivors and got so provoked that he referred to those who cover up child abuse in the Catholic Church as “caca” – the Spanish word for s**t.

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The Irish Times reports that according to two eyewitnesses, the Pope on Saturday afternoon, met with the survivors of clerical sex abuse in Ireland, and people who spent time in industrial schools, seminaries and mother-and-baby homes, in the Papal Nuncio residence on the Navan Road.

Clodagh Malone and Paul Redmond said at the meeting, the pope expressed his frustration with those in the Vatican who would cover up abuse.

Both Ms Malone and Mr Redmond were born in Mother and Baby homes and have campaigned for justice for mothers who were forced by such institutions to give up their children for adoption.

Mr Redmond said: “The pope said the cover-up of abuse in the Vatican was ‘caca’. The translator interpreted it as ‘filth you would see in the toilet’.”

The pope was asked at the hour-and-a-half-long meeting to use his influence to get the religious orders who ran the mother-and-baby homes to “acknowledge their actions and issue an open and unqualified apology” to mothers and their children.

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