Far back in time, several societies across Africa, Asia and the Middle East deemed it fit to cut off the external genitalia of females for reasons bordering on social and religious obligations.

Many years down the line, the practice has been widely fought and curbed. But it still remains in place in areas across Nigeria, including Osun state which reportedly has one of the highest number of cases.

The Osun State Government knows why the state has one of the highest prevalent rate of female genital mutilation practices in Nigeria.

An official of the State Ministry of Health, Mrs Toyin Adelowokan identified culture, tradition and religion as the main cause of the ugly practice in the state.

But the question is, what are they doing to address the situation?

“Efforts are already put in motion by the state government in conjunction with notable Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to abolish the practice in all the communities in the state,” she said.

The state government is planning to introduce sex education into the secondary school curriculum as a means of sensitizing the students on the evils of FGM before they start giving birth to children.

Mrs Adelowokan disclosed that various groups of people have been trained on the evils of FGM.

Good plans, but she also knows that all those efforts can only work when they have the support of religious and traditional leaders.

So, she was quick to add that the situation calls for urgent attention of traditional rulers and community heads.

She called on religious and community leaders to help the government by sensitizing the people on the evils of the FGM to ensure an abolition of the practice.

As for the government, they are ready to support any move that will bring an end to the practice.

Adelowokan was speaking at a one-day consensus meeting with some traditional rulers and birth attendants on the increasing rate of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the state.

While Osun state has been rated as the highest in FGM practice in the country, she disclosed that Ede North Local Government has the highest prevalent rate of FGM in the state.

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