Wife of Ondo State governor, Betty Akeredolu may have lost contact with reality and the significance of her office.

As the number one woman in the state, Betty is expected to galvanize the women folks, turn around their dwindling fortunes and make them contribute meaningfully to the economic well-being of the state.

But this wasn't exactly the case during her recent outing in the state.

Mrs Akeredolu commissioned a borehole, toilet and laid foundation for a block of classrooms at Ilu Abo High School in Akure, an action that has left a sour taste in the mouths of civil servants in the state.

Speaking at the occasion which was organized to mark 2018 World Environment Day, Mrs. Akeredolu noted that the school is indeed lucky to have been chosen as a pilot school for a water, sanitation and hygiene intervention programme.

But some indigenes of the state, especially the civil servants and elites, have continued to throw verbal punches at her for ''descending that low''.

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A teacher at the school who prefered not to be mentioned said things like these are usually done by the council chairmen.

"Why should a first lady abandon major state responsibilities to come and be commissioning toilet in a secondary school. It does not befit the status of her office. That is why we have council chairmen," she said.

Also, a staff of the state ministry of women affairs stated that she has virtually rendered the ministry ineffective.

"Our ministry has never done any event since the beginning of this administration. How many times have you read about the ministry of women affairs in the news?

"It is because the ministry is near non-existence. Mama is everywhere doing the whole thing herself.

"You can imagine her commissioning toilet and borehole in public school. That shows you the height of frivolity to which she has rendered her executive office. Who does that?" he asked rhetorically.

Do you agree with the civil servants? Is Betty Akeredolu belittling her office by commissioning toilets and boreholes?

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