If you are woman, you should stay away from the Egyptian city of Cairo.

It has clinched the infamous title of the world’s most dangerous mega-city for women.

London, however, is the best city for the women folk.

This is according to the first international experts’ poll on how females fare in the rising number of cities with over 10 million people.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation survey asked experts in women’s issues in 19 megacities how well women are protected from sexual violence, harmful cultural practices, and if they have access to good healthcare, finance and education.

Cairo, the capital of the Arab world’s most populous country, fared worst globally, followed by Karachi in Pakistan, Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of the Congo, then the Indian capital, New Delhi.

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London was ranked as the most woman-friendly, then Tokyo in Japan and Paris, France.

Women’s rights campaigners in Cairo said traditions dating back centuries made it a tough city, with discrimination still rife.

“We’re still operating under a conservative country and it’s hard to take any radical progressive steps in the area of women and women’s laws,” said Omaima Abou-Bakr, co-founder of the Cairo-based campaign group Women and Memory Forum.

“Everything about the city is difficult for women. We see women struggling in all aspects. Even a simple walk on the street, and they are subjected to harassment, whether verbal or even physical,” said high-profile Egyptian journalist and women’s rights campaigner Shahira Amin.

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