It is no longer news that millions of Nigerian graduates have no jobs.

In fact, the last count from the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS puts the number at over 15 million.

Now, someone, Joseph Ari, who is the director general of the Industrial Training Fund, ITF is saying the graduates do not have jobs because, not because there is no work, but because they don’t have the required skill to do the available jobs. In order words, they are unemployable.

Ari told NAN on Thursday that there are many job vacancies in the economy waiting for skilled manpower.

“Based on a Skills Gap Assessment survey in the six priority sectors of the Nigeria economy, conducted by the ITF in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), vacancies exist in all sectors,” he said.

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“The unfortunate truth is that the vacancies are always filled by non-Nigerians because the unemployed Nigerians lack the requisite skills.

“Our survey showed that 19.5% vacancies are yet to be filled in the housing sector while the petrochemical sector has more than 13.9% vacancies waiting for skilled workers.”

According to Ari, 15.7% of all the hard-to-fill vacancies are due to lack of technical skills and 11.8% are due to lack of basic industrial training skills while another 9.2% of the vacancies are due to lack of advanced IT skills.

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