If you love fish, you should be interested in this story.

Nigerian fish farmers are not happy.

The farmers are not happy that the federal government is helping people to import fish when there is enough to go around in the country.

The importation of fish, they say, is destroying their business.

The farmers under the aegis of Catfish and Allied Fish Farmers Association of Nigeria, CAFFAN are therefore asking the federal government to look again at the reward given to fish importers.

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The association’s National President, Mr Rotimi Oloye told news men in Ibadan on Sunday that local fish production should be revived by supporting import substitution and denying fish importers import permit and foreign exchange.

He said the importers should be encouraged to set up fish farms for profit and job creation, rather than importing from overseas.

Oloye’s argument is that local fish farmers cannot compete favourably with importers who are achieving bulk sales in addition to the incentives from government.

“The price of fish is completely down. Today we are compelled to sell 1kg at 400 naira, but before now, it was 950/1000 naira. The selling price is very low, unless something is done fast the fish industry will collapse,” he said.


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