So many Nigerian mothers are wondering where the foreign Kellogg's coco pops brand has gone. 

It seems to have disappeared from shelves even in the biggest shopping malls and many mothers have been left in amazement about why they are seeing a Made in Nigeria Kellogg's everywhere they go. 

Everyone of them will have to take heart and make do with the Nigerian Kellogg's because that is what will be available.

Kellogg's company had last year started the production of coco pops and this production of Kellogg's in Nigeria means an end to the importation of the foreign Kellogg's. 

On Wednesday, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo confirmed it. 

He wrote: "Last December, a cereal factory opened in Lagos to manufacture Kellogg's cornflakes, the result of the partnership between an American company and a Singaporean conglomerate.

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"Although the Kellogg company is over 100 years old, the factory was it's first investment in Nigeria.

"Barely half a year later, they are already talking about expansion plans, as the new factory has already hit maximum capacity".

The government has consistently emphasised that to grow the nation's economy, Made in Nigeria goods must be patronised and this policy has phased out the foreign Kellogg's which many parents were used to.