So, you won’t be able to fly Med-View Airline to Dubai until March this year.

The Airline has suspended its Dubai operations till then.

The airline’s Managing Director, Muneer Bankole, who disclosed this on Monday said the suspension is to pave the way for aircraft maintenance and refurbishment.

Med-View began the Dubai flight service on December 7, 2017.

“We have shut down Dubai operations till March 24 when our own aircraft B767-300ER returns from complete refurbishment in the UK. Passengers who have booked with us will be flown to their destination through interline arrangements,” he said.

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The Med-View boss however lamented that airlines in the country were operating under very harsh conditions.

“In this part of the world, it is difficult to compete with the big players on the other side. If you do not have the resources and support from the central bank to provide you dollars for your operations, there is no how you can survive.

“There is no place in this country or in this part of the world, where you have a basic maintenance repair overhaul facility, such that if anything happens to your aircraft, you can maintain it.

“There are no spare parts vendors who can provide you support in 24 hours; but in Europe, there are platforms working 24 hours,” he lamented.

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