It will all be about Made-In-Nigeria goods this year.

Apparently, the government’s campaign on buy Najia has paid off and manufacturers are ready.

Already, most of the obstacles on the path of most Nigerian manufacturers have been cleared or are being cleared and they are ready to flood the market with locally produced quality goods.

A management consultant, Benjamin Gii with one of the leading management services firms in Lagos, Leitung Gate Limited told Bounce News in a telephone chat on the outlook of the manufacturing sector in 2018, that Made-in-Nigeria goods will be key driver of the growth to be recorded in the sector this year.

“The regulatory environment is better. There is more confidence in Made-in-Nigeria goods. You know, one primary driver in manufacturing is demand. Is there demand for Nigerian products? Yes, there is.

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“So, you see that a lot of export-related products are being replaced by Made-in-Nigeria products which is a good sign for the manufacturing sector,” Gii said.

According to Gii, “There is sort of consistency in policies with regards to promoting Made-in-Nigeria goods. So, we are beginning to see the effects of those policy decisions.

“Both from the consumers’ perspective and from the suppliers of those goods, there is disincentive for preference for consumption of foreign produced goods which adds up to creating a favourable climate for manufacturing in Nigeria.”

So, it is expected that more manufacturing companies won’t be closing shops this year as they did last year.

Instead more manufacturing firms may be coming in which translates to more manufacturing jobs.

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