There was a story on Thursday emanating from the camp of suspected Badoo kingpin, Alaka Abayomi, who has been declared wanted by the police.

He appeared to be saying the police was wrong in accusing him of being the leader of the dreaded cult, Badoo.

This was the talking point on Thursday when the Lagos police commissioner, Imohimi Edgal met with the media.

“What evidence did the police have before calling me Badoo (kingpin)? Did any suspect mention my name? What does sealing my property have to do with this case?

“I applied and paid for the Certificate of Occupancy for the filling station five years ago, but I have not got it. I have evidence of payments," Alaka said in reaction to the sealing of his business.

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Talking tough right? That is not all. He went further to say that he was ready to submit himself to the Nigeria Police Force for investigations but not before Lagos CP, Edgal Imohimi.

He alleged that investigations would be compromised if carried out under Imohimi’s supervision, urging the Force headquarters in Abuja to take up the matter.

And by the way, this is a man who has been declared wanted. As they say, ‘anything he says will be used against him in the court of law’, shouldn’t he be cautious?

What exactly is the problem here? Lack of faith in the system or is there more to it than we know?

Apparently, there is history between him and the police.

The businessman had been arrested by the police before on July 30, 2017 for allegedly owning a shrine being used by the cult group in the Agbowa area of Ikorodu.

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The police had asserted that Mr. Abayomi confessed to knowing other individuals who own shrines in the area, before leading the officers to the Badoo cult’s shrine.

The 51-year-old claimed at the time through his lawyer that he was being harassed wrongly and denied reports that he confessed to the crime.

Since he is innocent, why is he not willing to surrender himself for further investigation?

Could that July 2017 experience be the reason Abayomi Alaka lost faith in the Lagos police? What could have gone wrong at the time?

The Police Commissioner has said that he has no business what part of the country Alaka is, as long as he reports to the police station nearest to him.

We are watching to see if this attitude is about lack of faith in the police or he simply believes he has the power to manipulate the course of justice.


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