Fela Durotoye is one of the many presidential candidates jostling for the seat of power in Nigeria come February 2019.

To this end, the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) presidential candidate was one of the aspirants present at Fela Talks held in commemoration of the 2019 Felabration on Monday, October 15th.

Speaking with Bounce News at the event, Durotoye shared his reasons why he feels he's the man to lead Nigeria to greater heights.

Fela Durotoye

''The first thing any good leader has to do is paint a vision for the nation, which is a kind of picture that causes them to want to wake up in the morning and go to work. That is the kind of thing that needs to happen and you need an inspirational leader to be able to do this. You need an inspirational communicator to be able to take that vision and communicate it into the hearts of people, not just their heads and that I believe is one of the gifts I have''.

Speaking further on the work that needs to be done, Duroye said that the right values to make the vision possible also need to be shared.

Watch the interview below to hear what he had to say: