Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Bayelsa State, sacked from their homes by flood that is now receding, may have had reasons to smile, but this smile did not come without humans trying to cheat them of what was their right.

On Saturday, the government of the state remembered the IDPs in a camp in lgbogene in Yenagoa, the capital of the state.

The sun shone fiercely, burning through the skin and residents of the uncompleted storey building wore light clothing to accommodate fresh air.       

Forming a crescent, they stood at a respectable distance away from the heap of raw food items displayed neatly on the ground. 

But those materials had drawn some youths like carcasses drew vultures. They were not there to help, but they had come to claim rights.

Their presence whipped up tension at the IDPs camp.

Epie community boys and their lgbogene counterpart fought over ownership of the camp located at lgbogene.

They had seen some household items - mattresses, cooking pots, plates, plastic buckets, pillows and toilet rolls - provided for IDPs by the state government and wanted to share from it. 

Bayelsa IDPs get relief materials
Displaced persons slept on bare floor while some used mat

Also at the venue were the Director State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) in Bayelsa, Major Zeddy Isu, some staff of the Agency and men from different security agencies within the state.

 At about 3:00 p.m., distribution of raw food items such as; rice, beans, garri, 3 litres of red oil and towels commenced.

The flood had receded and schools had resumed, making the government decided to officially close all IDPs camps across the state.

As the distribution of items continued inside the hall, officials of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), arrived with two vehicles filled with non-food materials.

The camp was thrown into a festive mood, as women cheered and clapped while the children ran outside to welcome their visitors.

Mr Isu received the items and promised to distribute them among the people.

Bayelsa IDPs get relief materials
Food items handed to the displaced persons by the government agency

However, some families received three custard buckets of rice, beans, red oil, tin tomatoes, towel and table salt, others got lesser quantity. No one knew what the sharing formula was.

Dancing, Mrs Rosemary Edet said she was grateful to Governor Seriake Dickson, NEMA, Churches and individuals for their help and support while the flood lasted.

"I am happy with all the items they gave me and my family.

"May God bless those that provided for us and also protect them," she prayed.

An eight-year-old boy, Oyindoubra Isaac, expressed happiness over the items his mother received.

Bayelsa IDPs get relief materials
Noodles and other household items

“I want to thank our Governor and all the people that gave us food and clothes.

“I will resume school on Monday and work hard so that l can help poor people," he said, enthusiastic of giving back.

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Mr Zeddy told Bounce News that the people were fed twice daily and a cow slaughtered every two days for them.            

"The same people complaining of no mattress are the ones leaving the camp with four to five mattresses each. 

Bayelsa IDPs get relief materials
IDPs heading out of the camp with foams 

"They claim they were starved by camp officials yet, they are leaving with bags of rice, garri, beans, cartons of noodles and other goodies. 

"It is late now so, the items donated by SPDC would be distributed accordingly amongst the people by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow,” he said.

He also thanked God that no life was lost throughout the camping period, considering how dirty the environment had become. 

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