As at the time of filing this report on Thursday January 4, 2018, one bitcoin equals $14,640.

This is after it had risen to $19,000 dollars mid-December.

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, is the rave of the moment and everyone is trying to cash in on the investment opportunity it provides.

So, we wanted to know who in the Nigerian tech ecosystem is investing and then we got the opportunity to speak to one of Nigeria’s prolific tech investors and film magnate, Jason Njoku.

Bounce News asked him if he is investing in the block-chain technology. To our chagrin, he said an emphatic NO!

And here is why he said he is not investing, not interested in it and is “okay with that”.

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“Back in 2012, my engineers in London, they used to mine cryptocurrency, but I was never interested. I am so focused on what I do on iROKO,” he told Bounce News.

The iRokoTV boss said he simply does not have the time “to understand cryptocurrency, bitcoin, etc,”

“I don’t have that deep amount of an interest and so if you ask me about blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, I am completely amateur and I am okay with that,” he said.

According to him, he “put so much energy into iRoko and some other ally businesses,” that he has little time left for other things.

Moreover, “I am not greedy. I think I have enough money and I don’t think it is going to have an impact on our businesses,” he insists.

He said if it was something he needs and would add value to his business, he would definitely pay attention to it but he does not see that with cryptocurrency.

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“In tech scene last year, voice was the massive thing. There were Alexa, Siri, Google Voice, Echo etc. Those kinds of innovations should probably be more relevant to us than cryptocurrency,” he said.

But does he have any fear for those of you investing?

“You know what? Genuinely, I don’t even understand it enough to have an opinion. And again, I’m okay with that,” he stated.

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