"I was just trying to do something different", Oluseyi Asurf said with a smile on his face.

The film maker is the master-mind behind the first crowd sourced movie, ‘Hakkunde’.

But his chat with Bounce News  focused on the controversial gay-themed short film titled 'Hail Or High Water'.

Oluseyi is cut from a different cloth of film makers, he likes to go beyond limits and gaze behind clouds.

First he made a gay-themed short film, then he crowd sourced for his feature movie (even though he had like 80-90% of the budget before he went crowd-sourcing).

Against all odds, he shot Hakkunde in Kaduna despite cases of unrest in the state's southern part. He also featured Fulani herdsmen who have been blamed for recent attacks on rural areas.

“I felt as long as the story is true, then my job as a film maker is to tell the story, the fact that we even have laws against homosexuality put us in a good spot to tell stories around it, our job is to educate, enlighten and probably influence culture.”

hell or high water

He was even told by friends and colleagues that he was risking his young career, and each time he gave the same reply.

“We have got laws against prostitution, kidnapping, laws against corruption, but we still depict all these characters and elements in our films, so what’s the difference between all these and doing gay-themed short film.”

Asurf is happy to have started a conversation with the  movie which tells the story of a young pastor loved and adored by the people around him, until it is uncovered that he is gay.

The film stars Daniel K. Daniel, Enyinna Nwigwe,  Ashionye M. Racca, Tunbosun Aiyedehin, Adedayo Davies and Chika Okeke.

“I said, okay, if nobody is doing it, then I want to do it, and I am happy that we ended up doing ‘Hell or High Water’ today its history and its driving engagement and I am happy.”