The increase in the number of persons that die of AIDS has become a source of concern for the House of Representatives, which on Tuesday asked the Executives to urgently devise alternative funding plans.

This was part of deliberations after a lawmaker Sergius Ogun raised a motion on the "need to evaluate the effect of funds withdrawal".

Ogun said the World Health Organization (WHO) classed Nigeria as having the second highest HIV epidemic in the World, after South Africa.

According to him, this is indicative of the fact that only 51% of those living with HIV in Nigeria have access to antiretroviral treatment (ART).

He added that the country’s health sector was partly dependent on international donors for the procurement of anti-retroviral drugs as the Federal Government contributed 25% of funding for HIV management.

“Aware that in consideration of the rating of Nigeria as the biggest economy in Africa, international donors have withdrawn funding as regards HIV response, which is reserved for poorer countries.

“Concerned that as a country with large number of persons living with HIV who require treatment, Nigeria is unable to produce any of the prescribed World Health Organization (WHO) drugs required for the management of HIV.

The house, therefore, mandated its Committee on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Control to liaise with relevant agencies in the health sector to work out modalities on the effective management of HIV.