After almost 20 years away from Nollywood, Chris Iheuwa, made his return to his first love.

Now that the actor has decided to dump the corporate world to return to the big screen, he has not only acted and directed movies, he has also provided the ‘muscle’ and ‘brain’ needed to secure a movie set.

Chris, who has starred in award winning movies like 'Isoken', 'Phone Swap', and the legendary 'Rattle Snake' spoke to Bounce News on why production security consultants like himself are necessary while shooting a movie, and one big problem of Nollywood that might never go away.

“You will always find social miscreants or area boys, we try to avoid such areas, if not, you do a recon, to know the escape roots, the people that would cause problems, and the problems that might be faced. Part of my job is to also contact the neighborhood watch and the police.''

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''Aside from the external issues, there are occasions actors start beefing each other, and sometimes it could get bloody” he told Bounce News.

In 2016, Nollywood actress, Princess Chineke came out to say that her colleague, Chrystabel Goddy, bit her on the lap and with one big bite, ripped out a chunk of her flesh.

Goody said she only attacked in self-defense.

Chris points out that incidences where film stars have shouting matches turning into fist cuffs still happen, and this delays the movie production.

“As a production security consultant, I would like to be involved right from pre-production, to make it easy to know where the  security needed will be stationed, and plot an escape route for the cast and crew in case of a fire, violence or riot.

''In the case where some actors or actresses have issues, I have pep talks with them to lubricate the ego of these people.

''Even though sometimes violence cannot be avoided, we try to reduce the use of force to the minimum” he said.

Chris refused to give real examples to Bounce News where physical force was used to settle a security problem on a movie set, but was quick to point out that there are a lot  of inexperienced production companies making films in Nollywood, and these untested film makers, are one of the biggest problems of the industry.

“A great deal of good actors do not get paid, or get paid late because of inexperienced film houses. This in turn affects some female actors, as these questionable producers are more interested in seeking sexual favors for movie roles.

''It’s a phenomenon everywhere not just in Nollywood, it is everywhere, I do not know if we can lay it to rest, it is an unfortunate human occurrence” he told Bounce News.

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