Brands looking to use social media to increase their audience engagement turn to celebrities.

They partner with these celebrities to tap into their loyal fan bases, but for Akintunde Bada, Country Manager for Viacom (parent company of the likes of MTV, BET and Nickelodeon), it takes more than the fan base of the social media influencer or celebrity to rip the benefits of collaborating with brands.

The man who manages the content of  MTV, MTV Base, BET, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central in Nigeria, spoke at the Creative Nigeria Summit held in Lagos and said that a lot of times, celebrities make bad business decisions which eventually affects their relationships with big companies hoping to plug into their sphere of influence.

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Before becoming the country manager for Viacom, Akintunde was a creative director for both telecom giant, Globacom and advertising firm SO&U.

According to him, during that period, he realized that a lot of celebrities make bad business decisions when dealing with brands.

''I have had the opportunity of dealing with up to 70 top celebrities as a creative director for SO&U and Globacom, and some of these guys (celebrities) do not understand why you give them so much money in endorsements, and you cannot sit them down to explain the big picture and what you expect from them, because they’re thinking about the next show, they are thinking about the next place where money will come from.

''They do not know that they are letting themselves down, and they miss out on the opportunities that are before them, because they do not really bother to study and understand what they are getting themselves into when they become a brand ambassador'' he said.

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