Why does Boko Haram seem to find it much easier to attack communities within the Nigerian territory rather than the neighbouring countries?

This is probably one question many Nigerians are asking, especially residents of the worst hit states of Borno and Adamawa.

The Nigerian Army are supposedly the strongest in the region, so is there something they are not telling us?

The Commander of the Multinational Joint task Force, Major-General Lucky Irabor has this to say.

“I think the reason is not farfetched going by the history of Boko Haram itself. If you’ve done a little study on it, you’ll realise that Boko Haram actually started in Nigeria.

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“They had a base initially around 1999 somewhere in Yobe state and with the internal operations that were conducted at the time, they were routed, and they moved to Maiduguri.

“But over the years they grew from a little group of what you may call agitators with some funny ideology into what gave rise to the issues that you know of in 2009 and then all the related issues that eventually turned to the violence that we now find.

“So, if the greater impact has been on Nigeria, then of course you should understand the basis. The key leadership of the group itself are Nigerians,” he said.

The group seems to be getting their strength back with recent attacks in the northeast, after the Army had declared victory over the insurgents.

Is there hope that Nigeria will win this lingering war on terror?

Irabor admitted that total peace has not returned to the country but he wants Nigerians to have total trust in the Army to bring this to an end.

The war is of no benefit to the soldier who has left his family for months to face tough conditions at war? He said.

They also want this to be over soon and are doing their best to achieve that.

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