When Yoruba actress, Bose Alao’s marriage to football star, Rasaq Omotoyosi was announced, the world celebrated what seemed like a dream match.

Each time the movie producer posted lovey-dovey pictures of her marriage on social media, many girls wished to be her.

Just a week earlier, the mother of four heartily celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary on Instagram describing them as “two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”.

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But it was all a charade, she was suffering in silence while she painted the picture perfect to the public.

The world realized this on Sunday when she took to WhatsApp to announce that her 10-year marriage to football star, Rasaq Omotoyosi, is over.

The actress claimed that her marriage ended due to domestic violence with her husband beating her repeatedly and she had only been pretending.


Back in October, the actress shared photographs wherein she was allegedly battered by her husband.

Before then, she alleged that her colleague Bidemi Kosoko was seeing her husband and accused her of being behind the hitches in her marriage. She called the latter out on Instagram.

She also promised to release pictures of the assault soon. According to her, her phone was destroyed during the latest violence.

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