Former Big Brother Africa contest and actress, Beverly Osu is daring but sometimes being bold comes with its problems.

The model released some pictures in which she wore a raunchy nun outfit and was smoking a cigarette in 2018.

Many people, especially Catholics felt it was distasteful and an insult to their faith, but the entertainer felt otherwise.

Speaking on the controversies that trailed the pictures in a recent interview she said;

“I received a lot of death threats in my direct message on social media. I also received phone calls, saying I shouldn’t come out. People called my mother to threaten her life but I felt that they were all bluffing. Sincerely, I didn’t expect it, and there was nothing to cope with because I wasn’t bothered. I was not scared because I’m not afraid of anybody.

“If the Christians always claim they are Christlike; with the number of Christians in the world, the world should have become a better place since the 90s. I always say this, forget religion and find God.”

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