Senator Dino Melaye saw this coming and he raised alarm alleging his property across Kogi State might be demolished on the instructions of the state governor.

His fears have been confirmed and it appears the first casualty will be that newly built constituency office he has been flaunting on social media.

The property has been marked for demolition.

Melaye, as usual, went on Instagram to cry out to Nigerians.

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“I alerted the public last week of the plan by Kogi Stare Govt to demolish my properties across Kogi State. Today the Constituency office I built in Kabba has been marked,” he wrote.

It is almost impossible to assume the governor knows nothing about it and this is indeed not good for Nigerian politics.

It is a bad example being set for youths coming into politics.

But it is also important to ask if Mr Melaye did not violate any of the building and construction regulations of the state.

If Governor Bello and Senator Melaye were not enemies, a friendly phone call would have sorted this even if he violated the laws of the land.

However, no one is above the law.


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