President Muhammadu Buhari is currently on medical vacation in the UK but it seems some people do not want him to return alive.

His personal assistant on social media, Lauretta Onochie, has alleged that some members of the political elite in Nigeria travelled to Niger Republic and India among other countries to hire marabouts to ensure President Buhari dies.

She claimed that the same set of people also engaged pastors and bishops to pray for the President’s death and that the religious leaders resorted to attacking Buhari when he did not die despite their prayers.

Onochie disclosed this on her Facebook page just as the President’s latest medical vacation entered its second week.

She however did not disclose the identities of the politicians and the pastors she claimed were hired.

The presidential aide said there must be a reason why the politicians did not want to see Buhari in power.

She said that was why they rigged him out in his first three shots at the Presidency and now they wanted him dead after he got his victory at the 2015 presidential election, with the support of the card readers introduced by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Onochie alleged that before the election, when it was obvious that Buhari would win, the politicians “scammed” former President Goodluck Jonathan to postpone the election so that they could further empty the treasury.