Since Nonso Amadi came out with his debut – Alone, in 2015, Nigerians could tell there was something special about the 21-year-old singer.

Then came ‘Tonight’ in June 2017, a self-produced track that revealed the amazing producer in him.

Now he has a new one that people are talking about – Kwasia (feat. Eugy). And the word Kwasa means “fool”.

Could this song about a cheating girlfriend be another true experience in the life of the singer?

Calm, yet groovy and filled with so many questions...

Thought we had an agreement // Why’re you still out there cheating?

Why’re you so damn deceiving? // Why you make me believe it?

Then at the refrain he goes.

Girl, did he touch your body? // did he make you want it?

Thought you gave me your love // Why’re you giving a secret lover?