First, the residents of the Abule Egba area were deprived of sleep and it was not the first night it happened. 

It was the activities of night crawlers, but not the kind that stand on the street waiting for men to patronise them. These ones go to where the money is and loot it direct from the pipe. 

Pipeline vandals or oil thieves was what residents told Bounce News they were. 

It was the second night in one week that they were there, some residents sand and they had come with tankers to take fuel directly from a pipeline that ferries fuel from Lagos to other parts of Nigeria. 

They had come some nights ago and made away with tankers of petrol. 

A resident of the area who asked not to be named told Bounce News that Last night was different. 

"They came with two long tankers, the longest that there is, and filled it with petrol. 

"It was when a third tanker came and they were taking fuel that new came to them that police were coming and they left in a hurry, leaving the fuel to flow out of the place into the the drainage system. 

"The fire did not start immediately and one would only thank God there was gutter there. It would have been a more terrible experience. 

"Fuel flowed into all the gutters around and spread to Abattoir and found fire. It then started burning from that location back to the point the bunkering took place," he explained. 

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The resident believes only people who know how pipes are drilled could engage in such siphoning of petrol from a pipeline. 

No soul was lost the police confirmed, but houses near the drainage were not spared. Cars at mechanic workshops were consumed. 

The heat was hot enough to melt bumper of cars that were not burnt. 

It was a disaster that had very little explanation. 

The sad thing is that there is no one to hold responsible for the loss that the people have suffered. 

Will the government take up this responsibility? 

Abule Egba fire and its cause

The Commissioner of police in Lagos State, Imohimi Edgal, said the police were told the fire was as a result of oil thieves' activities. 

But he also said the police would act on report that they would receive later.

"When we get the reports from experts who are currently investigating the cause of fire, we will Lagosian know precisely the cause of fire," he told reporters at the scene.

Mr Edgal described the incident as unfortunate and assured residents who lost property that the police had already received information about the persons that perpetrated the act and where on their trail.

See images of damaged property.

Abule Egba fire and its cause
Abule Egba fire and its cause
Abule Egba fire and its cause
Abule Egba fire and its cause
Abule Egba fire and its cause
Abule Egba fire and its cause
Abule Egba fire and its cause

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