An Abuja based pharmacist, Mr Osa Osaretin, has warned that indiscriminate use of antibiotics could lead to resistance and morbidity.

He described antibiotics as drugs used to treat bacterial infections, while resistance is a situation where an antibiotic loses its ability to kill the targeted bacteria.

Osaretin explained that drug resistance was where the bacterium is no more susceptible to the action of the drug.

According to him, antibiotics are designed to target and disrupt certain biochemical processes or to destroy some cells, and by so doing kills the bacteria.

He noted that resistance to antibiotics occurred due to genetic mutation that altered the targeted biochemical processes of the drug.

“Overtime, the bacteria can understand the action of the drug and also design ways to protect itself.

“One common way is for the bacteria to alter its cell wall structure so that the drug cannot penetrate,’’ he said.

Osaretin identified under dosage or wrong dosage of antibiotics, abuse, misuse and indiscriminate use of drugs for the wrong purpose as causative factors to drug resistance.

He also blamed non-compliance with prescribed dosage as well as duration of usage of the drug as another factor that contributes to drug resistance.

The expert therefore advised patients to avoid self-medication, use drugs as prescribed and stop misuse of antibiotics, invest in research and development of new drugs in order to avoid complications.

He gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja.