Reactions continue to trail the statement made by President Muhammadu Buhari that the military should deal ruthlessly with ballot box snatchers in the upcoming elections.

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, says the president's threat is aimed at scaring away voters on election day.

Sowore said if Buhari was sincere about stopping electoral malpractice, he would have focused on the sponsors of ballot box snatchers and not the actors only.

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Addressing supporters on Wednesday, the AAC candidate who is also an activist said Buhari had shown that he was still a dictator, as he made no mention of arresting and prosecuting ballot box snatchers but went ahead to suggest killing.

He said if the President was really serious about stopping electoral malpractice, he would have stopped his party from engaging in vote-buying.

Sowore said: “General Buhari is clearly still a military dictator at heart. Ballot box snatching is a terrible offence, but how could anyone ask for an offender to be killed without recourse to the law? Are there no courts? Shouldn’t an offender be charged first?

“It is ironic that the same person who is quick to ask for ballot box snatchers to be killed, has no problems with heading a party that engages in massive vote-buying and rigging as we saw in Ekiti and Osun.

“While Buhari called for the ballot box snatchers to be killed, what about the people who sent them to snatch the ballot boxes? What about the politicians who paid them to cause chaos at the polls?

"By raising the spectre of violence at polling centres and encouraging law enforcement agencies to shoot during elections, the President is essentially scaring people away from the polls".

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