He is not one the new age actors we refer to as “New Nollywood”, but Kalu Ikeagwu is one talent that has refused to be pushed aside.

His talent is special and his passion is almost contagious.

Once Bounce News caught up with him in Lagos on Thursday, it was only normal we settled down to a chat.

We spoke about his plans for 2018, recent happenings in Nollywood and some national issues.

One matter we could not resist putting forward is the controversy surrounding the supposed featuring and removal of Funke Akindele in the Hollywood movie, Avengers – Infinity Wars.

What started as a moment of pride across the country ended up in an anticlimax when Funke Akindele was yanked off and later replaced by Genevie Nnaji.

Some believe it was an error while some consider it indecision by the producers and another story is that the film website was hacked.

But some Nigerians consider it disrespectful to Nollywood. They ask, out of a 71-man cast, how come there was an error with the Nigerian only?

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Mr Ikeagwu feels our pain.

But he would not like to say much regarding the drama, especially considering that both actresses involved have yet to comment on this matter.

“Even if I knew much about it, I still won’t say much because I don’t know the true story. All I know is what has been told.

“I have come to find out that there are always three sides to a story – one side’s part of it, the other side’s part if it and the true side of it.

“However, I think we have a vacuum in the sense of a database where you can find Nigerian actors. Maybe we should have good talent agencies or artiste agencies that can coordinate such.

“If such a thing happens, if (truly) it did, then it doesn’t tell very well of the casting system. It shows something (unusual) has been done,” he said.

Asides wanting fans to look out for his new projects in 2018, he wants all Nigerians to pray for the country.

“A lot of things are happening now that haven’t happened before. There is a serious dichotomy – a strong divide.

“Pray for our leaders. Go as far as praying for the kind of leadership that this country deserves that will make us a cohesive unit because the next elections are coming, and we have to make our voices clear about what we want,” he said.


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